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Propecia Generic 1mg

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Why should I buy the Propecia?

The success of Propecia is a proven fact which was first confirmed by clinical tests and later by the enormous success in the population.

The clear effects of Propecia generics not only do your scalp well but also your soul: baldness is often a reason for years of shame. With Propecia generics, however, you will be able to notice positive hair loss effects even after a treatment period of three months, while it is necessary for the regrowth of the lost hair not to interrupt the treatment.

Clinical tests have shown that finasteride can stop hair loss in 86% of cases. In addition, 50% of patients were able to observe hair regrowth after one year, after two years this percentage rose to 66%.

The advantages of Propecia

Propecia Generics contains exactly the same active ingredient as Propecia, namely finasteride, which inhibits those enzymes that produce the hormone DHT (the cause of hereditary hair loss and baldness) and thus can stop hair loss.

The ingredients of the product

Propecia pills include 1 mg of finasteride (as mentioned above, the active ingredient of the drug), and the following inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, monohydrogenated lactose, swelling starch, sodium hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and cellulose LF, starch glycolate, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, Docusate, red, yellow iron oxide, iron (III) oxide.

How does Propecia work?

Baldness is often hormonal and can be caused by an excessive presence of the hormone DHT in the hair follicles, which make up the scalp. For this type of hair loss, which mainly affects men, finasteride is the ideal solution. Finasteride can inhibit the production of DHT, a male hormone that excessively inhibits the follicles from producing or maintaining a hair , And thus hair loss caused.

By inhibiting the production of DHT, the hair follicle remains healthy and strong and is thus able to keep the hair and produce new ones and thus contribute to the health of the hair (the latter effect depends on the respective patient and can vary).

Instructions for use: how and when to use?

The Propecia pill must be taken orally once a day before or after the meal, either on full or empty stomach. The pill can also be crushed to facilitate easier administration.

The success comes with the time, normally it can already be determined after three months that the hair loss was stopped and that hair regrowth – but Propecia generics only shows its full potential in medium and long term application. It is therefore not recommended to discontinue treatment prematurely.

Propecia without prescription: Precautions and instructions

Pregnant women or women who wish to become pregnant may not take Propecia generic drugs and should also avoid any contact with the powder contained in the pill, as this may cause malformations of the genitals of male fetuses.

Communicate with your doctor or health care professional if you are allergic to it. Like other drugs, Finasteride is not compatible with any other medications.

As finasteride inhibits a male hormone, its possible side effects are mainly related to the sexual area of the organism, such as erectile problems, reduction of sexual pleasure and spermavolumens, painful testes, skin redness, swelling of the lips and face, gynecomastia.

If one or more of these undesirable side effects occur regularly, or are very troublesome, please contact a doctor.

Do not hesitate and do something against your hair loss. Order Propecia without a prescription at our online pharmacy or let our staff advise you professionally.


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