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Original potency test packs

Buy Original Potencymittel without prescription

A man who suffers from ED often finds it difficult to choose a suitable medicine for impotence. Our unique ED test packs can help you find the ideal potency.

How to recognize erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is recognized by the fact that the man is not able to perform the sexual act because he can not get an erection or can not keep it until the end.

ED test package benefits

In our online pharmacy we have summarized for you Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) in one product. Buy our ED test package and you will also experience the numerous benefits.

  • The three medications without prescription are safe and meet all safety standards.
  • Both Levitra, Cialis and Viagra have been positively tested for efficacy.
  • A strong and long lasting erection is nothing more in the way.
  • By taking these products, anxiety is reduced and self-confidence is strengthened again.


Cialis, Viagra and Levitra: The Effect

All three products increase the blood supply into the penis, which makes it possible to re-erect the penis.

The products have the following characteristics:


  • Hard tablet, orally.
  • Efficacy: 30-45 minutes after ingestion up to 4 hours.



  • Hard tablet, orally.
  • Efficacy: 30 minutes after ingestion up to 36 hours.



  • Hard tablet, orally.
  • Efficacy: 45 minutes after ingestion up to 7 hours.


The side effects tend to be rather weak and differ very little with the products.

What are the benefits of the ED test package?

Are you still looking for a suitable potency? But do you want to convince yourself that you are really the best product? Then you should definitely try our ED test package. Only here you have the possibility to really try the three bestsellers (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) before a long-term treatment. Do not hesitate.

For what reason are there ED test packages?

Each person is different from another. That’s why chemical substances also work differently for everyone. In order to offer our customers all the advantages of the customer’s products against impotence, we have made this compilation. This is the only way to get the opportunity to try out what you like and what suits you.

What drug is right for me?

Answer this question yourself by ordering the ED test pack right now, either in the mini- (12 tablets) or the super variant (24 tablets). Our competent and helpful staff team can help you with all questions quickly and reliably.

Do you expect quality, cost-effective products and maximum discretion? Then you are exactly right with us. Do not hesitate and convince yourself!


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